Useful Devices And Jigs


Here I have placed here some images of devices and jigs that I have constructed that I think you may find useful. I will put additional photos of these and other jigs in use as I take more photos of works to be placed on the gallery pages. (Setting up and taking down the photography setup is a major pain!)

Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger view plus instructions.


The first of these are depth guages that one can easily make.

The first is a box turning depth gauge:



The next one is a bowl turning depth gauge. It is similar to the box turning gauge only larger and with fixed clamps both in the center and at one end.


Click here to see a photo essay on how to use this tool.


Pen Tube Insertion Tools

These items are made from 1/2 inch diameter dowel rod. They are tapered such that the pen tubes are an easy sliding fit -- not tight. Slide the tube onto the tapered end, apply the glue -- I use polyurethane glue -- and insert the tube into a drilled blank. These tools help keep the glue off your hands. The top one is for 8mm tubes and the lower one is for 7mm tubes. I also have one for 10mm and one for the perfume atomizer tubes.

You can buy these items made from steel for about $10 to $20. But I like these and they work just fine.